The Giant Pod

I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by local (Frome) legend, Andy Wrintmore for his The Giant Pod podcast. Popping along for a chat turned into a four hour epic conversation about my research into Albert's life from his origins in the socialist movement in Stuttgart, his going to War in 1914, his struggles in the Communist Party during the German Revolution and his flight from Germany in 1933.

In Andy's words it is a deep dive and he did a great job teasing out the conversation. Ultimately it was quite a personal revelation to realise how much of what I had researched was just in my head and I hope it is a good reflection of the research and work that has gone into trying to pick apart Albert's life for this project.

You can listen to the podcast in your podcast listening software of choice or just click on the widget below.


I've never been the best at remembering names and dates (probably why I went into archaeology rather than history) so please remember this broadly discusses family research and one person's place in a broader social history. Some of the specific historical details may not be quite correct. Some notable errors:

  • 6:10 my uncle Michel sadly died in 2016 not 2017
  • 29:25 whoops - the Kickstarter raised over ¬£2500 (sorry, backers)!
  • 2:43:37 von Hindenburg not Bismarck was President of the German Reich in 1933
  • 2:55:55 Mussolini seized power in Italy with the March on Rome in 1922 (not 1933)

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